Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 10

The party decided to visit Logerswold fist, to return the villagers stolen goods and to make preparations for facing bann Trumhall. The adventurers got to Logerswold without any further troubles and began to hand out the stolen items. The bann’s men also arrived quite soon, carrying the message that something happened to bann Trumhall, Boder – the bann’s assistant – asked them to accompany him back to the camp.
This was odd news, and made the party revise their theory that the bann controlled Blacktail through his magical collar.
To cut a long story short: it turned out that Blacktail was indeed an apostate mage, probably a shapeshifter, who seized the mind of the bann back in his homeland, made him employ the bandits, and let them commit their horrid atrocities. The bann – still a bit confused after being liberated from such prolonged mental imprisonment – turned out to be a reasonable and honorable men, who wanted to take responsibility for the crimes done, and was determined to set things right, yet it was clear that he is not willing to resign from his position. To be perfectly honest: he is a young, ambitious and talented man, who could do much good for the realm, where bann Kroll has served many years as bann, has great experience, but is too old now and without an heir.
Bann Trumhall asked the adventurers to organize a meeting with Kroll in his manor, to have a discussion about the future of the the freehold. Bann Trumhall also invited the prominent people of Logerswold to the table: the innkeeper Liwis; Trevin, the local tradesman, Pliacint the sister of Chantry; and of course the saviors of Logerswold.
They agreed that bann Trumhall would make a public confession about the happenings of the past months, also telling the he was influenced by an evil spell – for which the adventurers would bear testimony –, but he would remain bann, until voted otherwise by the majority of the freehold, and he would ask Kroll to be his advisor.
Thus the problem was settled.

Trevin also asked the adventurers for a word: he would like to start a new venture, now that trading routs are safe again. He heard that people are building a new fort in Sothmere, a town in one weeks ride from Logerswold, where he has some merchant connections.
He offered a fare share of the income if the adventurers could make a bargain with the locals to use his wood from Logerswold, which would also help the villagers to recover from the damage done by the bloody Gorehands.

The party agreed, so they were heading to Sothmere the next morning, where new adventures would await them.


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