Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 12

Everybody was in shock. The villagers were dreadful because of what happened, the attacked ones lied on the village hall’s ground with high fever and the sickness in their veins. Dielza and Delia was unconscious and sick too. Nobody knew what to do, so the adventurer’s visited the old Sztojanka, who was nervous too but she had some knowledge about this contagious disease. She revealed, that she was half chasind-born, and the chasind shamans had a myth about this illness and it’s medicine. It was a herb called shadowmoss that grew in the Corceri Wild, deep in the swamp. She had some of this moss in stock but it was just a few pile, moreover she had to use it for a brew that should slow the transforming process while the villagers turn into Ragers.
The mission was clear, they had to collect the shadowmoss from the swamp. It wasn’t easy however, because they had to follow Stojanka’s crow, who knew the way to the heart of the forest, where should be some lighting and flying creatures, who were acquainted to the occurrence of this moss. Ezekiel insisted to come with the others though. While they pulled themselves together, the old healer made the brew from the moss and gave some to Ezekiel too. He had to drink it from time to time, when he felt himself sick again.

The storm-beaten group departed riding with a boy who was responsible for the horses. The crow was showing the way. First they arrived to Witchford, a neighbor village of Sothmere, the big river ran alongside. It was empty and quiet, with dead bodies and blood everywhere. They found a survivor, who was infected of course, he told them, that Withcford had a Rager attack from the direction of the river this morning, and the beasts were running toward Sothmere. He was in a bad condition, so Lisa and Aneirin decided to end his life before he turns to an other deadly monster. Then they sent back the boy with the horses and with a warning: an other attack could happen, be careful.

After that they get across the river, and disappeared in the forest. Lisa was the guide, and thanks for her, nobody ended in the mud of the swamp, but it wasn’t easy. Ezekiel memorized the path knowing that with a little luck they have to come back too. Aneirin was investigating the flora and fauna of this forest, and Dorian tried to pay attention to any danger. He wasn’t too effective; they got surprised and almost killed by six big and hungry wolves, but fortunately somehow they managed to scare them away. They tried to pull themselves together when Aneirin spotted two enormous Irish wolfhound and their master with a bow.

He was Branik, the tracker, offered them some rest next to his fire. Our adventurers were so exhausted they said yes in no minute. They shared some food and information, such as about a chasind village Dosov, next to a big lake.
Next morning everybody went on their business, our little group toward the lake and Dosov. This was one of the biggest of the chasind villages, but when they arrived there, people seemed afraid and skinny. The leader of the village was Zorja, the shaman and healer woman, who had no age to the eyes, but some savage beauty. She let them enter to her tent, offered some drink and it wasn’t ryotte ale at all. Half of the party didn’t make it awake after the snaps, Aneirin just fainted but Lisa had the worst part. Meanwhile Ezekiel and Dorian had an interesting conversation with this incredible woman: she offered her help and instructions, if someone gives her a healthy son. When she looked at Ezekiel, Lisa said “OK” between two shameful moments. When she asked help for her sickness, Zorja poured one more round. Dorian and Lisa fainted too this time, and Ezekiel accompanied Zorja in her bedroom.

On the afternoon they woke up with a big headache next to a grinning Ezekiel. They assumed everything went well, so they asked some advice from Zorja. She gave them a boat with a man to cross the lake, and some herb to cure Aneirin cracked scull (it helped a lot). When they landed, called the crow and an hour later the bird showed them the wanted place, and then flew off.
Aneirin and Dorian boiled water with the rest of the shadowmoss, as Stoyanka said while Ezekiel and Lisa were keeping watch. In no time an enormous crab crawled out from a hole and started to run toward them. They tried to stop it, but Lisa observed that this crab was not after them, but the boiled moss. She threw away her bow picked up the pot from the fire and jumped on the closest swamp-tree. It was a little time till the crab and the others figured out what happened, but after that the crab was running for his life in two minutes. They were waiting there for another half hour when the little lightening creatures came. They were half dragonfly half tiny man, and sang a sad intense song about something that nobody understood. These fliers started to eat the moss-stew, and when they finished their dinner, flew back to the deep forest in no time. Lisa and Aneirin were quicker than the others, and could follow them on their way till they arrived to a basin next to a small hill, where the little lights was merged into the water. Ezekiel arrived in ten minutes, but Dorian didn’t show up in time… He was lost.

Meantime Dorian was fighting with the elements, the trees and bushes stopped him in almost every minutes, so he started to damn the woman in the hood who gave him this fancy mission. It was not his good old tower and comfy bedroom, and he hated it. When he realized that he lost the others, he panicked, and left the path. The next moment he was in the mud to the waist, and was sinking… The first moves just made it worse so he tried to think, it wasn’t easy thought. He knew that the others will search for him, but he has no time to rescue, he cannot count on anybody but himself. Just in time, while the mud started to swallow his body, he got an idea. He tried to concentrate and collect some magic, and then he frosted everything around him. The winter’s grasp spell wasn’t really a utility spell, but this time helped. He crawled out from the frosted mud and started to fire some arcane lance up in the dark to make himself visible to the others. When nobody answered he sat down in the middle of the path and closed his eyes.
The rest of the group went back on the tracks after Dorian, and they found him a little frosted and depressed. Aneirin healed him, Ezekiel gave him a blanket and Lisa guided them back to the basin. They had to think about their next steps, and they had no time…


ZsoltVarga Idhren

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