Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 13.

They were cautious, so they sent Lisa forward like someone good in being unseen. She had to swim through the tunnel under the water, and when she emerged, she saw a big cave filled with the little flying creatures singing, and in the middle of the scene, an enormous silver Serpent.
She went back to get the others, and they went back to face the snake together.

Lisa and Dorian were quiet enough to get out from the water without the Snake noticing them, but Ezekiel slipped on a rock, and the snake was raised. It attacked immediately.
Aneirin wasn’t lucky because he was the first target; the beast hit his chest and started to constrict him. The others tried to distract the snake, but it was able to fight and torture Aneirin in the same time… While Ezekiel slashed it, Lisa and Dorian attacked from the distance. Meanwhile in the grip of the snake, Aneirin tried to live through by healing himself again and again.
In the end, after the Snake stroked Dorian unconscious and almost killed Aneirin they knocked out the beast. Lisa didn’t want to kill him as she saw the little fiery creatures mourning the snake by flying around him.

After the fight they separated to find the moss. Ezekiel and Lisa found it after a tunnel in a little cave. It seemed that it was the little creatures’ food, and it grew on the snake’s waste. It was a lucky thing then, not to kill the Serpent. They collected most of the moss, and though Lisa insisted to leave some for the fire-creatures, Ezekiel wasn’t sure about that.
Meanwhile Aneirin and Dorian were exploring another tunnel. Dorian found an old armored skeleton in a pit. When he took the corpse’s values and tried to climb back to Aneirin, he fell down and fumbled a healing spell so badly that Aneirin had to help him back to life.
They had enough of the dungeon, and went back to the cave. Passing the knocked out Serpent they heard the mourning song of the flying spirits. Now the tunnel and the water were waiting for them. Dorian needed a little help for swimming out because of the injuries, but they came out alive from the basin.

This was the time, when Ezekiel’s sickness came out again, but fortunately they had more than a half bottle of the potion that the old wise woman gave them.
The evening came so the little group decided to rest in the night before going back to the village.


ZsoltVarga Idhren

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