Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 15

The pain stricken and confused companions lamented the loss of their dear friend. They couldn’t even muster the strength to set the next point they should travel to, luckily, the party met an acquaintance last seen in Denerim: Radella, the Grey Warden has visited them with two of her cohorts after receiving Dorian’s reports about the disturbing explorations he made during their journey.
Radella’s group set for the Korceri Wilds for further investigation, and entrusted the party to continue their research around the snowy peaks of the Frostback Mountains. Every sane person would have objected to be sent in the dreadful cold of those heights, to travel to the lands of the savage and war-loving avvars, but the companions agreed quickly, for the only thing they wanted was to get as far from the accursed Korceri swampland as possible.

So, after short preparations, they continued their quest, now a party of three: Lisa, Dorian and Aneirin, to explore the notorious Frostbacks. They agreed to use a ferry at Lake Calendhad, for a shorter travel route, and to pass as unnoticed as possible – being so close to the Circle, and to templar parties was safe for one of the magic wielders.

They arrived to a tavern near the lake, and agreed with the ferryman named Gregor that they would ship next morning. As it turned out, the ferryman was an old, shrewd fox, who often hauled shadowy passengers if they paid the right price, thus they met an other boat on the lake, which enriched them with two other passengers: a young lad and a lass named Silvio and Petra. Aneirin and Dorian recognized them almost immediately as magic-wielders, as did the two youngsters. It became soon clear that they are runaways from the Circle, fledglings, who have not passed their Harrowing, and somehow managed to steal their phylacteries, and some other values.

The party agreed that they will question them openly about their intentions; they were stuck on a boat for several days to come, everything else would have been absolutely illogical and comical, but night broke on, Dorian, Lisa and Aneirin agreed to rest, and talk to the two young mages during breakfast.
Little did they know then what nightmarish times would await them in their dreams…

They arrived on a marvelous galleon, one that resembles the ships Lisa’s family owns. The ship was caught in a terrible storm, but that was the smallest problem the adventures had to face. Exploring the vessel they heard a familiar voice, Ezekiel greeted them. The two mages already had a strong notion, but now it was clear: they arrived to the Fade.

Soon they were attacked by some ghastly apparitions, and had to wrestle them for the control over the ship. Aneirin and Dorian could harm them with their spells, but Lisa could hardy touch them, just like Ezekiel, who fought with them. After all, they defeated the wraiths, and another passenger appeared: an old man, with long, fair beard, who asked them for help. Being a lost spirit, trapped in the ring the two young mages stole from the Circle, void of any memories about himself, he plead for their assistance, young Aneirin boldly agreed to help the spirit, not knowing, that he would gain more than he had bargained for…

Next morning they awoke on the small boat, calmly drifting on Lake Calenhad, with the two youngsters, whom they had to pick a bone with.


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