Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 16

They asked Silvio and Petra openly about their intentions. The young mages admitted that they are fugitives, making their way to a life outside the Circle. The youngsters had their phylacteries with them, and a ring, which they offered to sell to the company, it was quite clear that the spirit the three met last night was trapped in that ring, but the young mages were completely unaware of the rings peculiar traits.
The company was weary of seeing misery and death wherever they fared, thus they agreed to let those two go and to buy the ring from them. Dorian warned them that the templars must be already looking for the escapees, and they do not need to rely on magical tracking solely, besides, they know that there are not many routs the young mages could have taken after leaving the Tower.
They landed on a shore near their true destination, on the other side of the lake, where Silvio and Petra continued their journey, and disappeared in the morning mist.
Lisa, Aneirin and Dorian shortly wished Gregor farewell, and made their way to Elmridge, which was the nearest town lying at the feet of Frostback Mountains, yet it was almost a weeks journey till they arrived.

The party was intercepted by a group of templars, who were – Who would have had expected? – looking for two young mages, who just escaped from the Circle.
Aneirin had a hard time already to conceal his magical abilities, but on top of that the party started to tell inconsistent lies about the youngsters. It was a really close call, but they managed to avoid any greater trouble, and to send the tremplars on a wrong track.

They also started to investigate the stolen ring. It was a featureless golden ring, though apparently a very old one. Aneirin decided to put the ring on, yet nothing happened, at least so they thought. A few night after wearing it, Aneirin discovered an increase in his magical potential, Dorian and Lisa grew suspicious, they persuaded the Dalish to take the ring off, but nothing happened, the amplified abilities remained, thus they handed the ring back.

After almost a week, they arrived to Elmridge, which was truly a small town, bordering the Frostback territories, since frequently visited by avvars, not as raiders, but guides, leading the outsiders on safe paths through the peaks. Traveling through the mountains is certain death for unprepared strangers, thus the three decided to hire a guide.

They set for a tavern to have some accommodation for the forthcoming days until they manage to find a proper, preferably avvar guide. They just sat down for a meal, when they met a hulking giant of man, a somewhat solemn, but seasoned warrior, named Calderash.

They agreed that Calderash would guide them through the mountains, and will ensure their safety and survival, but to do so, he would need much better weaponry then he had then. He knew about a legendary weapon, named the Axe of Marthok, and he knew where the axe was hidden, but according to rumors, the hillside was haunted.
The deal was simple: Calderash will guide the party through the icy hell of Frostback Mountains, after they helped him to obtain the Axe of Marthok.


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