Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 6



An elven apostate was lurking around the ruins, where Mythallen held his clan members. They’ve just departed with a large group of revengers as Aneirin informed the newly arrived. His tone was rather offensive, especially towards the men, and Eshara didn’t like it. However, their goals were common. After entering the ruins, they fought skeletons animated by weak rage demons – the work of Mythallen. They rescued the young and old of the clan and headed for Vintiver to stop Mythallen.

On their way, they had to fight through a giant spider, but they defeated it rather rashly. In Vintiver, they found that the revegers were fighting the locals. They headed for Vintiver, but Eshara couldn’t make it. She was so frightened by the chaos of the “battlefield” that she had to stay back and hide in a building helping human children. Their encounter with the abomination called Mythallen was not as difficult as they expected, but they were determined to finish him as soon as possible. With this approach they saved many elven lives.

After the combat, they helped the people of Vintiver to recover, Aneirin helping Sister Arda with the wounded, Lisa and Ezekiel taking care of the elven warriors returning after the lift of Mythallen’s spell. Dorian the most cautious guarded the ashes of the abomination. They stayed for a few weeks to get better and prepare the elven clan for departure. They rested, accepted some gifts (armor replacements, a new shield) and made sure that the remains of Coalan, the smith and the mystical chain reminded both cultures to live in peace.


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