Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 7

Few weeks after defeating Mythallen, the dalish elves and the adventurers departed, the party continued their journey towards Ostagar, accompanied by Aneirin. Lisa, Ezekiel and Dorian had already a destination in mind: they received words of a new bann, offering work somewhere near the Brecilian Forests, Aneirin joined them eagerly, telling only that he is in great need of some coins that humans use to trade, so the party decided to leave the highroad for the rough Southron Hills.

The journey was relatively peaceful, although somewhat straining and long, as their only riding-beast was the loyal and fierce Tony, the mule. Nevertheless, the party had some time to get to know each other a bit better, Ezekiel was telling stories about his brave and daring adventures, Lisa of the far and beautiful sea; Aneirin bothered them with an unending string of questions, making it quite clear that he lived a very isolated life in the deep woods. Only Dorian remained often silent, mostly because of his injuries, the others watched with great anxiety that he has not stopped to cough up blood, they all agreed that they have to find a skilled healer to treat him, as soon as possible.

One night, as they were sitting around the campfire, some men sneaked up upon them in the shadows. The always alert Lisa noticed them in an instant. The three men meant no harm, they were veteran men-at-arms, who saw the campfire, and wanted to join, since they had no ratios left. Inviting them to the fire and sharing news and food with them, the party learned that the people elected a new bann for the realm, called bann Trumhall, they served the old bann, but refused to join the new one, for he has no money, and cannot pay their monthly fee. They also told them that a brutal band of outlaws (named Gorehands after their leader) is terrorizing the area and the old bann lost the favor of the people, because he could not fend them off.

Aneirin had a little quarrel with one of their guests, but he intimidated the men using his magic. They met bann Thrumhall the next day, who offered them the following conditions: he has no money to pay, but the party can keep anything they can take from the bandits. The adventures were already suspecting the there might be some connection between the new bann and the suddenly appearing bandits, their suspicion only rose when they met the mabari wardog of the new bann, and by asking him whether he already used the dogs excellent tracking skills to find the bandits in the forest, he replied with a “Oh, silly me that never came to my mind.”. They also met an other adventuring party of three, who had the same task assigned, just when they were about to leave for Logerswold.

They also payed a visit the old bann before arriving to Logerswold, seeing the poor conditions he is living under now, the the party dropped their previous assumption that he might have a connection to the bandits. Especially after the Gorehands attacked a wagon carrying supplies to his manor, the party arrived to late to prevent this, they had a brief encounter with the bandits, but they couldn’t catch any of them. So the adventurers made their way to Logerswold to continue their investigation, promising the previous bann that they would send some provisions as soon as they can.


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