Dalish elf apostate


Level 5

Communication 2
Constitution 2
Cunning 3
Dexterity 3
Magic 5
Perception 1
Strength 1
Willpower 4

Mana 58
HP 56
Defense 13
Speed 15

Armor: 3, Light Leather, Drain: 1
Quarterstaff Dex, d6+2 dmg
Morningstar Dex, d6+3 dmg
Aamor Fin Str, 2d6 dmg
Arcane Lance Magic, d6+Magic dmg, 16 yards

Magic items:
Cloak: +2 Stealth
Ring: +1 Magic, +3 MP

Lore (novice)
Spirit Magic (journeyman)
Animal Handling (novice)

Cunning (Natural Lore)
Speak Elven
Magic (Spirit)
Dexterity (Initiative)
Cunning (Arcane Lore)
Strength (Heavy Blades)

Arcane bolt: Spirit, 2 MP, Major Action, TN 10, Dex(Acrobatics) test, 2d6 or d6 + Dragon Die dmg, 30 yards
Mind Blast: Spirit, 3 MP, Major Action, TN 12, Str(Might) test, knock prone or knock prone + target cannot take major action in next turn, 2 yards radius, 50 yards
Arcane Shield: Spirit, 4 MP, Major Action, TN 14, Defense = Spellforce, 1 MP/extra rounds
Heal: Creation, 1-3 MP, Major Action, TN 10, 1d6 Health/mana, touch
Levitate: Spirit, 5 MP+1/round, Major Action, TN 15, Str(Might), other effects: see spell description
Walking Bomb: Spirit, 4MP, Major Action, TN 13, Con(Sta) test, d6+1 penetrating damage, 10 yards, by death 2d6 in 4 yards
Death Syphon: Spirit, 7MP, Major Action, TN 15, lasts for Magic turns, death must occur in 6 yards
Mana Drain: Spirit, 3MP, Major Action, TN 12, Mag(Spirit) test, +1 MP spellcost for the rest of the encounter, caster gains that MP, 30 yards



Sit down scribe, I will tell you of my journeys, but first I have to tell you about my clan, how I became a willing exile and why I will never see my family again, at least not in the waking world. Don’t stare so dumbfounded, sit down and listen.

My name is Aneirin, that is usually all the quicklings have to know. My full name is Aneirin ap Wynn ap Faldahen, from clan Efeilliad, the clan of the Twins. The Twins are ancient deities of my people, the guardians of my clan: Falon’Din, the Guide, Friend of the Dead and Dirthamen, Keeper of Secrets. My clan lives in the depths of the Brecilian Forest’s sylvan sea, never leaving the protecting trees, yes, we are one of the rare non-traveling Dalish.

I know that my friend needs this information and that the armed fellows in the other room are well capable of defending the secrets I am going to entrust to you, therefore I shall continue without eluding some facts I only revealed to few of my closest allies and dearest companions.

Each member of my clan is born with high magical potential, most of us are Fadeweavers, apostate mages if you like. You might understand now why guarding this secret is so imperative for us, and not to allowing any members of the Chantry near our lands, though the Forest itself is usually protection enough. No matter how reclusive we are, humans would eventually discover us and too much isolation corrupts the blood, the mind, and would bring ruin to all of us.
As it is, we are not completely alone in the forest, we have a sister clan, the Einharjar, the clan of the Brothers. Our bonds are deep and ages old, just as the bond of the brothers Falon’Din and Dithamen. You must know we have some very strict rules we are living by, one of them is that we never kill. Even hunting is a sacred act for us, and we show great gratitude towards the spirit of the fallen prey. Yet by such a high number of magic wielders, it has happened more then once that one of us succumbed to the evil, treacherous spirits of the Beyond. The Brothers are not only our guardians, preventing anyone entering our lands, but are also taking the heavy burden of bloodshed from my clan’s shoulders. We respect them for being the great and valiant warriors they are, even if we are never speaking directly to them.
This is another rule of ours: we are not allowed to speak with anyone outside the clan Efeilliad, we have special methods of communication we are employing with the Brothers.

These rigid laws are not without purpose, by keeping our blood pure, we regain some faint traits of our noble ancestors; we have raw magical talent slumbering in us, we live somewhat longer and…
I see this rose your curiosity, no worries, it has not shown on your face, the flow in the Beyond changed around you. Yes, we live a few decades longer as you humans do, and no, I am not very much older as I look. Once I left the sacred lands I began to age as you do.

As I said: I became a willing exile of my clan, a Seihenja meaning “Seeker” in Trade Tongue, which is a quite fitting term in my case. You will soon understand what led me to this choice.

Once a member of our clan has reached mature age, which is approximately equal of your sixteenth year, we undergo an initiation rite that is remarkably similar to the Circle’s Harrowing. This serves – or better to say, served – the purpose of identifying if the Dreamer, the Somniari has had already arrived.
You would of course like to know who the Somniari is. The Dreamer is someone who can access and form the Fade at will, thus he can travel through it and should be able to contact the ancient, undying members of my people, who retreated to the Beyond, and sank in a deep, endless torpor, they are know as the uthenera, the Sleepers. They hold the forgotten knowledge of our race, the only ones who can remember what was lost.

Before you ask: no, I am not the Somniari, but I discovered something else during my visit to the Fade…

I met someone on the other side, an uthenera. I saw a mighty and splendid halla, waiting for me. I knew that I am in a land of shape-changing, deceptive spirits, who would lure me into my demise if I let them. Yet I knew as soon as our eyes met, I knew that he is not an evil spirit, but something else. I wanted to talk to him, to… catch him, and even: slay him. An unexplainable, visceral desire came over me, I was horrified by the thought that I wanted to kill, commit one of the greatest sacrileges known to us, but I couldn’t resist. I chased after that halla, I caught suspicion of course, thinking that this is some foul demon’s trickery, but my mistrust left me in a heartbeat when I realized that I have changed too. I became an eagle, sacred animal of our Father Elgar’nan. I flew after him, our battle of endurance lasted for three days. First I chased him, but then he became a fox and I a hare, then I was a wolf, he a swift deer, third I was a salmon, he the patient bear, and so we continued to change forms, and exchange roles of hunter and hunted, kill and be killed over and over again. This was the first lesson he taught me, the lesson of death, something every Brother has to learn, and something I had to learn too…
I reached him finally, as myself, a worn, young Dalish. He stood before me in all his towering, wild splendor. Fear came over me. I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance against him as myself, he could slay me in an instant.

He introduced himself as the Fallknight, and all doubt and resistance was wiped from my soul, I knew that he is one of the Sleepers, an ancient elvhen of ages long gone.

He told me that there is a great peril coming which, if let unopposed, would mean the inevitable end of our race, the utter and complete destruction of our culture. The vision of this bleak future rose high torrents of fury in his slumbering heart and he decided to act.
You might wonder, why has he sought me out? Why a young mage, why not our Keeper, or some able warrior? I asked myself the same question, but I dared not to ask him.
He was anger, power and ferocious force personified, telling me about the extinction of my people, of all elvhen. I was overwhelmed, and needed all my will to listen and remember what he had to say. He told me to leave, to seek power and knowledge, to seek him out, he would reveal more once I am able to catch him again.

The Fallknight

To do so I needed to enter the Beyond again, yet our Keeper refused to perform the Rite of Initiation a second time on me, no matter how much I begged him. They thought I am possessed, or have gone mad. None of my clan-mates believed that I have met an uthenera, none except of one, there was someone who believed me…
Anyways, I knew that the Keeper was right, a second Initiation would have killed me.

So I had no other choice, but to leave the Efeilliad, my clan, my homeland, dear friends and beloved family, knowing that I would never see them again. But it was what I had to do, for them, for my people.
I was full of questions, doubts, fear. I had to go out to a foreign world, of which I had only read knowledge, a world I have not understood.
I felt alone, yet the gods were gracious: it was not long before I found some friends for life.

It is late now, let us dine. I will continue my story afterwards…


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