Avvar warrior from the Caho ta bao tribe


Warrior Level 4
23 yrs old

•Communication +0
•Constitution +2 (Stamina)
•Cunning +1 (Military Lore)
•Dexterity +1 (initiative)
•Magic +1
•Perception +2
•Strength +6 (Axe, Might,Climbing)
•Willpower +3 (Courage)

Combat Traits:

•Speed 9
•Defense 11
•Armor 4 (Heavy Leather)
•Health 60
•Great Axe of Marthok+8 3d6+9 dmg
•Throwing Axe+9 d6+8 dmg
Class Powers:
•Two handed Style journey man
•Throwing weapon style novice
•Armor training novice
•Weapon Groups: Axe, Light blade, Spears, Brawling, Heavy Blades,


Ciamar a tha Thu you realy want to hear my story. You saved my life in that godless cursed crypt. I came a different kind of tribe not like you and all of your friend. I was born very close the heart of the great father, the heart of the mountain where my people said. Far Far away from this lands. I was born in the middle of the fade season when a night was longer and a fog settles all over the land and Harkon rode over the landscape with his mighty cold horse. My mother was a gentle woman she has a warm and delightful heart. And my father was a great hunter of my tribe. I learnt a lot from his wisdome. But I always want to see more, want to see everything. I go to the sacred forest of the sky mother and wanna kill the beast of Vungar. He was a powerful spirit guardian of the forest and a legend said, someone who will kill Vungar and eat his heart will became a most powerful warrior of his kind. I remember that night when I finaly confronted him. We fight and he won and I die in that day. I woke up in our house every one in the family was shoked everyone think I am dead, but a Moter want to punish me in a different way. Everyone start to frighten from me, they sad I must to die and I theft his life force to extend my. They accused me every wrong thing what happen the next years. And some years after my family start to think a same, then I left. That is the reason why walked alone of my road. Because I chalanged the godess of the sky. She took a curse of me. That my story. That is the story of Calderash or the name of my tribe knowing me „Upir Lichy”.


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