Ezekiel Finn

Fereldan Freeman Warrior


Warrior Level 3
21 yrs old

  • Communication +2 (Animal Handling)
  • Constitution +3
  • Cunning +2 (Military Lore)
  • Dexterity +2
  • Magic +0
  • Perception +1 (Emphaty)
  • Strength +4 (Heavy Blades)
  • Willpower +4 (Courage, Self-Discipline)

Combat Traits:

  • Speed 10
  • Defense 16 (w/o shield 12)
  • Armor 5 (Light mail)
  • Health 54
  • Weapons:
    • Bastard Sword+6 2d6+5 dmg
  • Long Sword+6 2d6+4 dmg
    Class Powers:
  • Shield and Sword Style journey man
  • Single weapon style novice
  • Armor training novice
  • Weapon Groups: Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Spears, Brawling

„The war never changes. Since the dawn of the human race, when our ancestors discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood shed in the name of everything, the truth of God into a simple, patient rage. But the war, the war will not change.”

Act 1

Such a lovely countriside

My story begun long time ago, and it hasn’t ended yet. It’s like an unfinished book, just getting written, no matter what I want. I was born during the long war. My home was a very kind, little village. I have a brother and a little sister, whom I really love. My father was a peasent, my mother a tailor. They were both good people, but life is such a nasty bitch. No matter what you do, or how good you are, if someone or something is coming, nobody can help you. I was looking after a girl when I was young and that curiosity saved my life in that night. I was 13, and I went out with Bethany. Oh Maker, that girl knew how to make a boy happy. She was 14. I came home before midnight, but saw the whole village burning with a hellish fire. I was running to my house, “this is just a nightmare” telling myself, but I was wrong. This was another battle of our „revolution”. The soldiers from Orlais were running and our brave warriors marched the land with sword and shield. This is war and our life didn’t count much. My little sister’s corps was reaped by our brave soldiers, but poor Bethany was not that lucky, because she was alive and soldiers had fun with her. I felt this was my time to run, no matter how far, just run until my legs hurt or whatever. I just run in the forest and just run and run some more. I fell and everything faded into the darkness.

„The flames will not consume the past, just to make it even bigger shadow creeping up. „

Act 2

What doesn’t kill you brings you new kind of opportunities

„If you kill, you will eventually be killed. Hate brings up this cause and effect as well. In a battle both sides are dead, wounded and pain.”

I don’t remeber what happen after that moment but I wake up a couple minuts later my head was acking and my ankle blotted an hurt really bad. I start shouting and riotting, for a some minuts but after that I just sit and cry for a long time. Some soldier came and start laughingat me. Oh little sheap you look so pale are you afraid, Oh my daddy was an Olasian beatrayer lauging again and again. I was furiusly mad and I hit the soldier with a rock. Now you will die little cockroach said an other soldier. And I was ready to die at that moment I wanna die. But a life is a teribble lover she never gives you what you really want. Just one more moment and before the soldier strike me down, he was dead. and an Orlasian man with a huge bastard sword stand before me. He was Zechariah soldier from Orlai, he was my mentor. After he and his friend save my life they carring me with them after the reatreating orlasian forces. I was quiet sure this days of the last ones of my life but I was wrong like many time after that. The team was a some kind of rearguard. we are just fall back in daylight. And fought back at night time. There are seven Orlasian soldier was part of this company. Zechariah the leader and the formal knight from Orlais, he was one of the best sword fighters I’ve ever seen of my life. His friend and co-captain was Justinius he was a quiet clever man who know how make a serius damage of the enemy moral. And Lucius He was a former Bard of Orlais. He was a one of the best assasins who lived in a land. And a couple of thugs who do what these people sad. I felt I must to fit in this team, if I have to live long enough. Zechariah start to train a way of the sword and how to protect myself with a shield. And Lucius said a lot of think about the people, how to use them and how to intimadet them. Justinius just always sit every single learning lesson what I attend and watch me. I always questioned for him about why was watching me but, he didn’t answer me, just sat and wathcing.

„Sometimes it is hard to decide what bridge is want to burn behind us”.

Act 3

First blood

„The people do not get anything without having to do

give something in return. What we collect it, with some
it is equivalent to beat.”

That night was really starless Zechariah and Lucius in the ferelden camp I just watch of how easy for them to kill so many of my folks, most of the soldier even sleep while they cut their throat. Always think there is something noble of fighting and a soldier that was a bravely and magnificent moment, but I was wrong there weren’t any noble in any death. And after that i saw Justinius he walked int to the camp with an other side of the camp he ride throught the first line of the fereldens and slay a soldier Who tried to bowed him down. And after he start dancing with his horse and killed so many of our soldier, He was a real shinnying armored Cavalier that the others make fun of him. He fight with honer and dignity. But I know this just a diversion we must to took the food from the Fereldens. I and the other soldier start advance to the food chariots, but the enemy (was prevent) us. And two ferelden soldier start to fight of the big Orlasian soldier, with me. But I have a torch and the Oil than I start of my task and cast away all of my Oil to the chariots. But She is there a little girl with a knife. I think she was a daughter of the cook, and trying to hurt me with that knife I don’t wanna kill. I didn’t wanna hurt her. I start to doge her attack but she was quick and cut me. I must to fight back I must to. She cut me to the other place. My body start moving automatically I hit the young girl with my fist, and after. I kicked her away and throw the torch to the chariots. But she didn’t give up and before I turned around she pierce me with that damn knife. The anger and the pain rushed to my vein and fade away my humanity, she sad something from the Black city, but that moment don’t matter, she was dead before she finished that sentence. My sword pierced her chest, and after that moment I felt her body fallen to the ground. I look around and saw 3 dead man around me and a huge ruction in the center of the camp. I start running but someone pick me up. I hope he was a Ferelden soldier to kill me, but the life is a real bitch she never really do what I want…

„A war to protect someone, be someone else hurt.”



„Those who think they can approve with regret of past mistakes, do not deserve forgiveness.”

People who has no chance to change their life they start to get use to it. No matter what happen or what kind of life you have you will get used to it. Thats the first rule of life. I start to cry after Zecharia and Lucius start to bandage my wounds and they start make fun the thing How they killed the other soldiers, just Justinius sat and seeing my face. The two soldier make fun with me, they called me cry baby. Tomorrow evening Justinius come to me and sad to me a first worlds. Come with me boy, and after he start to walked into the darkness. we walked away from the camp, and he hit me a really hard. I just sat down because the power and the surprised of the strike.
-Stop crying now and forever. Said.
-But I killed her. I don’t want to do that, but she was dead, and I can’t be the same.
-You right you will never, but this is a war kid and the battlefield is no place to weeping, that was the girls task to bewail for your husbands and child.
- Everyone is muorn the fallen.
- Yes, but weeping and memorian was a different kind of thing. You must remebering the fallen, every singel face, but you can’t crying for every time because if you trying you will die, crying not helping of anyone, and don’t win battles for you.
-How do you do? Where do you become such a heartless bastard.
-Everyone has theire own methods. The maker helps me, and my sword to.
-Why the maker create the people if let them suffer so much, you have the answerd that?
- Simply because all the problems are due to the fact that the man has created … and forever regret it. We make mistake we all do but what do we do after that will count that will show you who you are.
- I wanna die, I must have to die.
-Death is so boring, but life have full of opportunity.Come child I show you how to be a better soldier, and in fact a kind of a better man…

“There is no sense to bind the dead ones. We can only fight, not to lose them.”

Act 5

Warrior within

„Love is the same as that of hatred. Whatever you do, you can not get rid of it.”

Come on you are better than this, you have to focus. The enemy not respect you in a first place. You have to fight better to reach to respect you. You are quick and strong but you don’t have a heart boy. You must to find your heart to the fight. The warrior show respect of an other warrior, and never wanna kill just because he has a power. Soldier doesn’t mean monster. If you respect your enemy they will be the same feeling for you, and you reach the first goal. You become a warrior.
-I must to kill them why are we respect each other, this is imposible. The soldier kill and kill, thats the reason why such a heartless monster every single warrior.
- Honor this is the armor of the warrior, every one of them have a kind of. The most low life scums has a kode of honor what they accept and useing. Maker create a rule of life, that rule must obey every single one of us, or we perish. we need rule to maintain our life.
- What kind of rule and what kind of Code except the child who lost everything. They killed my family and burn my village, and I killed that girl with a knife. This is sick and not natural.
-No, you killed the girl for natural reason to surviaval, and your family was dead because of the war war has a kind of own rule. War is a beast who need more fire because he fraid of the darkness. And a hate is his fuel, that is what he needing for, without hate and pain there are no more wars.
- I don’t wanna part of this monster I don’t wanna do things with his rules.
- Soldier some one who had a rule of the war, but a warrior can find his peace in the eye of the storm.

„It’s not healthy to hesitate, because when you lose a bit of time out of your life”

Act 6

The cavaliers

„Our life through the eyes of others only makes sense, because if no one looks at us, it is as if we did not exist.”

We are surounded by the Fereldens, what we do now. We fight thats the plan Zacharie sad, Lucius laughing hilariusly we fight we have 5 men and a little boy, and we will destory the entire platone, you got to be kidding me. Justinius we must surrended us to them or they butchered us this is our only hope. Justinius just stand and deeply inhale. This is my squad and I know you all have a chance to live your life in Orlais. Zecharie you are a great and fearless warrior, Lucius you are a fine bard, but this is the end of our road. Everyone who wanna go just go, I don’t charged them with anything. I stay said with out hesitation. Justinius, smiled at me. Damn you boy sad Zecharie a rookie nipple sucker not gonna Braver than me. I stayed to. and hit my back to his hand. And an other 2 people sad the similar 4 man against a hundred not so good odds said Lucius, a maker blessed the wicked, and the mad said Justinius. Oh go the hell! Said Lucius and he turned back and dissaper in the woods.

Long Goodbye

“When we cross a bridge when we come to it, and then burned behind us. There is nothing to indicate that we were there, but the memory of the smell of smoke, and served to tear our eyes feet.”

what happen I must to fight what happen? Easy boy easy Lucius sad, I have to knocked you out to stay calm. What and the others what and why? Justinius plased me to do that. Where is he?
-He go and death, and where am I, now we are a ferelden family, I am your uncle and you are my nice all right.
-Nooo, we must to help them.
-Boy the battle was over and a Ferelden’s go over the Orlasian army. you only saw a bunch of corps, not much. But I am not your father but if you make that desision you will alone.
Allright, I will, where I go if I wanna find them.
-Throught the woods.
I ran throught the foresst and I found the place, with a dozens of people who scavanged the corps. I start to look for my friends, and a couple minutes later I found my master and my friend. He have a nice shinning armor with a couple of arrows standing out of his body and a dagger standing out one of his armor earmold. He looking at me with his eyes and smile.
-Why!! Why do you did that? shout angry!
-I must to die with you and your soldiers. This is what I want. Come one said something, easy for you you die and I stay, I will carrying that pain with my self. You stolen my faith and cheat my desteny…I start crying and a rain start falling down.

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth.”

Ezekiel Finn

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