Axe of Marthok

Two handed War axe

weapon (melee)

This Axe is a large and imposible sharp one sided head. This is a real master work axe, The head of the weapon is richly decorated, with the glorius act of Marthok and his people. The top of the axe was forming a beautiful womans the legend said this girl was Marthok secound wife and his life long love. And the handle is decorated with the continues story of the Iolars tribe. Most scratches are now worn off. But the Axe is sharp as hell.


This is a great Avvarian leader axe. He was the last tribe master of the Iolar tribe. This was a powerful clans He lead a many glorius battle from the fereldens people with this Axe. But some years after the great nights of Iolar peoples they became overconfident and they start to think they became a chosen ones of the gods, but they wronged about that. The mountain father call a curse from the Iolars and banished him from his land. Marthok was the last who not leaved his peoples land. And chalanged a mountain father himself. They fight nearly a day, Marthok loose his right hand and one of his eyes was injured. But he call a great battle rage for my self. And a last powerful blow he was scared the mountain father, and after he died. The father and the mother and Hakon go with his body to the top of his mountain and gave a proper funeral to him. And forgive the Iolar peoples, but they never cameback to their lands. That was their prise for the tribe vanity.

Axe of Marthok

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