Bastard sword

weapon (melee)

The blade look like a kind of magic wood, mostly grey but some part, have a green vains like a living body. This veridium makes the sword real light and fast, but even so the sword is real hard and sharp as an cunning elven toongle. The secret of the veridium making long last with the elven kingdom. But that sword make a memento of the fallen masters. Only the edge what make in that old time. In the past time reshape a couple of time, by elven and human blacksmithes. The original sword hilt long gone, but the blacksmith make a real master pieces for this magnificent edge. He was trying to maintain the swords elven style, and make iron crosst look like a branch of the tree. and a whole pommel look like a root of some kind of deadly tree.


The weapon forged by the word of Antrien’tyr at the time of the war in a Dales. Tyr was a brave Arcane warrior but like so many brave elf die in the battlefield. after that sword move to the Orlasians, and the nobel Carsonise knight bare the „Gift” that was he called it. But 2 generation after the sword was stolen by the pirate from a grand son of Carsonise. And rule the sea with the „maruder” that was he recalled it. His ships was destoyed in a battle with a procurator and a sword comes to Antonise procurator. But a Procurator get greedy and he make some mistake in the game, after that an assasin killed them in a Masqurade ball. The sword was taken from the family and the new Procurator sold to the Orlesian Merchant for a great bag of silver. After a long time a merchant go to a couple of big city in Ferelden and Orlais, some of his journey a young nameless City Elf stole this sword from him and after he judged and executing for what he did, a dalish warrior go out a city, no one know who he was, go to the brezilian forest. But he didn’t make it. And a sword go to an other merchant and after that the Suthmerian blacksmith’s who was a good friend of this merchant, buy from him.


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