Short Sword

weapon (melee)

This fine sword has a delightful aura, after all those years waiting in the swamp it is still sharp as a shark tooth, and light as a fether of a swan. This weapon was forged to fulfill a great destiny. The blade has an elegant blood chanel, imprinted with some interesting and ancient runes what protected this master crafted steel from the time’s corrosive impact. But this magic didn’t cover the grip and this is the reason why only the blade survived the long trip at the kochari wild.

+1 defense or +1 attack


This sword once was belong to the sinister mage called Walendane from the Tevinter empire. He was a proud man and fascinated with dark magic and the creatures from the fade. He couldn’t think anybody else but him and his profits. When he had no other option to have more power he made a deal with a spirit who called itself a Maker. This spirit sucked the life out of the mage and possesed the pour fellow and used the body for it’s devil purpose. The spirit made the court of Walendane a horrible place and tried to destroy his land, and had a child with Walendane’s wife. After the child was born and raised the spirit wanted to possese the child instead of the father but the little girl ran away with her mother to the wilds. The furious spirit hunted them to the edge of the kochari wild and after the abomination revealed himself, Walendane’s wife sacrificed herself to make a safe passage for her daughter. She made it to the deep of the wilds and hid under some unknown ancent ruins. Later, when she pulled herself up the girl faced his „father” next to this ruins and killed the abomination with his own sword but she’s got some heavy injuries. She bled out at the deep hole in the cave under the ruins, and after her death she became a spirit guardian of the innocents.


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