Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 5
Over the chasm


In the morning, the team left Vintiver. Eshara accompanied them on their journey, showing them the way to the Dalish camp. However, just as they left the village, Lisa saw a group of villagers led by Coalan in the woods by the road. They were out there for the elven woman, but did not took the heroes seriously. Lisa tripped Coalan and aimed an arrow to his throat, cooling the other men. They were sent back to Vintiver with a caution and some advice.

The camp was in ruins, all doors of the aravels were broken, but not much was missing. It was clear that someone captured the elves and took them away to the south. It was getting dark, so our heroes took in one of the arravels to spend the night there. However, in the middle of the night, they woke up to some freaky laughter coming from the woods and approaching. It was clear, that they’ll have to fight when they smelled smoke seeping in between the small holes of the bottom of the arravel.

The strange creatures were four and the following fight was tough. Lisa on the rooftop with Eshara, Ezekiel and Dorian in front of the doors of the cart, fighting in the light of a single torch. Two of the revengers were dead, the other twe fled in the night. It was a shocking discovery to see the two bodies “reverting” to young Dalish scouts. They left the camp in the first light of the Sun, Ezekiel taking a Dalish dagger after learned the hard way that without his sword, he is almost naked. Lisa took a beautiful elven longbow as a gift in advance for helping the Dalish.

Eshara lead them in the forest where they reached a chasm, approximately 16 yards wide. A fallen tree served as a bridge, but it was clear that the black crows on the trees are waiting for their approach. For some, it was a simple walk, while for Lisa, it was not so easy. She slipped and while Ezekiel went back for her, the others targeted the crows with spells and arrows.

After successfully traversing the ravine, they walked in the forest even more carefully. Late afternoon, they reached the small valley, where the ruins were laying. However, they were not alone…

Ruins in the forest custom

Game Session 4
Brutal murders

SPOILER ALERT! This adventure log is about The Dalish Curse from Game Master’s Guide, Set 1. If you plan to play it, skip this post or continue on your own risk!

Our heroes were on their way to the south, getting close to the Brecilian Forest, when they found a big farm. The fresh corpses foreshadowed something sinister, when they were attacked by strange wolf-like creatures. They were surprised, so the fight was a bit tough on the beginning, five creatures against the trio. Lisa jumped up to the roof of the building, using her bow for full effect. Dorian almost passed out, so all he did was using his magic to heal himself, while Ezekiel chased off all the beasts one by one. Just before he succeeded, however, one foul animal broken Dorian’s arm, causing the young mage to pass out of shock. They were lucky to survive all the encounter.

They found the strange elven writing in the bloody main room of the big house with the fallen family members and all the strange wounds. Later, as they thoroughly examined all the various buildings around the farm, they found the unconscious Dalish woman in pain. They helped her with magic, however, it was clear that she’ll need some rest and further care before she’ll regain her consciousness. They took the horse, their mule (Tony) and left the farm for the village nearby: Vintiver.

Coalan, the smith was the first one they met, who brought all villagers up to question the travellers. Soon it turned out the villagers are not really happy about the Dalish elf and the news Ezekiel told them. There was some verbal fighting, the villagers wanted to question the Dalish, while the heroes protected her. Tarl Dale, the village Warden and Sister Arda finally stood by their side and sent all villagers home. Sister Arda offered the Chantry’s hospitality for the group and took care of the unconscious woman. They spent the evening in the Sister’s home by the side of the Chantry building. She told them about the early summer festivals, the Dalish caravan and the problems with Coalan and the Dalish hunters. The other side of the story came from Eshara, the elven woman who woke up in the morning and told the tale of Mythallen and the lost Dalish scouts.

She insisted on going on with the heroes and explore the Dalish campsite as well as the ruins she saw in the Brecilian Forest. Sister Arda prepared rations for them…

Game Session 3
Madness in South Reach

Our heroes arrived at South Reach on a hazy dawn, to find a small contingent of the Bann’s guards standing around a dead pale body. It took them a short time to get involved in the investigation. As it turned out, Kelsie Marden (the daughter of the Bann and the head of guards) was already suspicous, because dead bodies were floating regularly down the river. Due to the random appearance of these, none raised the alarm yet, but the appearance of the corpse of a young girl was shocking. Blood magic, poisoning, torture and two weeks of capture were on the list of clues and questions. The town’s healer, Noalen was suspicious for our heroes on their first meeting, but they had to do some legwork and cooperate with the guards to enter his shop. Unfortunately, the Oldman, who was the single Templar of South Reach, entered the shop previously but didn’t come out.

In the shop, Lisa found and opened a secret door that led to a secret chamber, where they found not only Oldman, but various alchemical apparats and ingredients for a madman’s experiments. They couldn’t wake up the unconscious Oldman, because Noalen returned and attacked the party. As an apostate, he cast various spells on Ezekiel Finn, but his sword, Lisa‘s arrows and Dorian’s spells ended his life in no minute.

Ulla, the Revered Mother of the local chantry took care of Oldman and the madman’s diary, while the party was introduced to Gerold Marden, the Bann of South Reach. He let the party keep some valueables from Noalen’s house (68 silver pieces and 12 clean-cut diamonds) and directed them to Ruswold Valley, where Bann Trumhall is always looking for eager adventurers for various jobs.

Game Session 2
On the way to the south

After a short introduction and some packing, our heroes left Denerim to the west. The winding road led them between farms and ploughland. Close to the capital of Ferelden, their journey way safe, but later, they were attacked by a band of ragged brigands. Our heroes were overpowered, and despite their guard, the bandits left with their rations and an important map that was given them earlier. After a short discussion, they decided that their life doesn’t worth that map. Their next night was spent in a farmhouse where they bought rations for the rest of the trip.

One night was spent in the Broken Sword Inn, which is a huge establishment on the shore of the Drakon River. Lisa was playing knife throwing while Ezekiel Finn was drinking and fist-fighting with a caravan worker, both of them winning a few coins and the respect of other guests. Dorian met dwarven merchants and bought some important potions for their expedition.

The company decided that they take a barge on the Drakon River to South Reach.

Game Session 1
When the heroes met

The young mage Dorian was issued by his master to take a good some of coins to a shady tavern in the harbour district. After changing the money for the rare book requested by his master, he got into trouble. The attackers overpowered him and his new companion, an antivan sailor and her short sword. Robbers were chased away temporarily by a strong and daring swordsman, but they had to run. Ezekiel Finn knew the shady part of the town, thus leading the trio out of trouble.

However, before they reached the Magi Tower, a misterious white-robed woman in light armor approached them. She offered them a job: serve as her ears and eyes in the South and report her every suscpecious activity they encounter. The confident archer offered them some money and let them go and prepare for leaving the slums of Denerim. Dorian saw that his master and mentor discussed something with the misterious woman before she left the court of the Magi Tower on horseback.


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