Dragon Age Campaign

Game Session 14

In the morning the adventurers got up and started their tiresome journey back in the swamp. They arrived to the river in two days without any complication. When they crossed Witchford , suddenly an armored warrior arose to view, supported by two riders and some archers. He revealed that his village was attacked by the ragers, and somehow became aware of the salve of this illness. He was desperate to get all of the moss for his people and his family. Ezekiel and Lisa tried to speak with him, that they needed this moss too because of their loved one, but the warrior didn’t listen.

He attacked Ezekiel who was ready to fight, but didn’t want to kill this man. The archers attacked too, while the others tried to help Ezekiel. The riders joined the fight also, getting down from their horses so the always tricky Lisa immediately snatched up the moss bag and ran to one of the horses and mounted, catching the bridle of the other horse. She rode away a few meters then stopped the horses shouting: You have no chance to get the moss, now, so stop this bullshit immediately! The archers and the riders slowed down, but the armored man was too determined, and tried to kill Ezekiel, or kill himself instead. Ezekiel sensed the man sadness, and accepted the attitude, but Aneirin and Dorian wasn’t aware of the situation, and tried to middle the fight. Ezekiel cried out that leave them away but in vain. Dorian frosted the enemy while Aneirin put a mind blast between the fighters so they fell back apart each other. Ezekiel was wrathful because of the interference, and he couldn’t stop himself feeling the rage… In a minute they saw him struggling and slowly turning into a beast with yellow veins and red eyes. The illness was getting him down.

The archers and riders were shocked, and get back away from Ezekiel, but not the armored man. He attacked with new strength from his terror, although Ezekiel didn’t attack him but the mages instead. Ezekiel was a fine warrior too, but this creature was a brutal killer with unbelievable strength. Somehow the other three managed to knock him out together, and when the men tied him up, Lisa rode away with the moss as fast as she and the horse could to Sothmere, asking help for Ezekiel. When she arrived, she shocked the village out from the constant mourning because of the dead and the ill, and gave them the moss, and a little hope for the cure. The old Stojanka got the whole moss and closed her door from the villagers, and started to make the potion. But when Lisa asked help, they were afraid of Ezekiel’s state. Two soldiers accompanied her though, Ser Gelda Cermac, the arbiter provided horses. When they got back, the other warriors vanished. They tied Ezekiel on a horse, and went back to the village as the soldiers watched them suspiciously.

The people of the village were in a bad state. The old Stojanka made it clear, that the potion won’t be enough for everybody, the moss wasn’t as much as she thought. When the adventurers tried to ask some for Ezekiel, she said it won’t be any good for him anymore, he is hopeless. But the villagers had a proposal: they had two cared people, Delia and Dielza, who got the sickness too. Without the potion they will turn into daemons. But it is not enough for all the ill. The villagers will offer one portion for one of them to cure, but they have to choose. And the villagers had to choose too from their people, who won’t get any salve. In this moment “Ezekiel” woke up, stretched the rope, and attacked Stojanka. The soldiers engaged him to kill, Aneirin almost attacked the villagers, and Dorian just couldn’t understand the situation. Lisa shouted at all the others to stop. After many strike from the soldiers Ezekiel’s eyes cleared out, and said: Let me die… This instant they understand that nobody can help him back, and had to watch the villagers killing Ezekiel…

They were in shock, moreover they had to decide of the fate of Dielza and Delia… Aneirin was desperate to save Dielza, Dorian was agreeing with him because of her knowledge and talent, and even if Lisa saw their point, she couldn’t forget the young, strong girl, who was Delia once… She didn’t say no, when the mages chose the Elf though.
After the decision they had to start the hard work: nurse the fortunate who could have the salve, and will cure, and the worst, take the unfortunate 12 villagers and Delia outside, and incinerate them before the illness get them down. Lisa took the broche from Delia’s chest to give it back to her father, then they said goodbye to her.

While the villagers made their work, the little sad group went a little away to prepare a perfect funeral for their warrior friend. They made an enormous fire with some sweet herbs, and while they listened the Sound of the fire, Aneirin sang a mourning song for Ezékiel…
This evening wasn’t as usual. The three friend drank all night, and had a talk about Ezékiel, and their adventures together. They couldn’t believe what happened in the last 24 hours, and didn’t know what they should do after all this tragedy…


ZsoltVarga Idhren

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