Apostate Human from Gwaren


Mage Level 3


  • Communication +2
  • Constitution +0
  • Cunning +2 (Natural Lore, Healing, Research)
  • Dexterity +2
  • Magic +5 (Arcane Lance)
  • Perception +1
  • Strength +0
  • Willpower +2

Combat Traits:

  • Speed 12
  • Defense 12
  • Armor -
  • Health 29
  • Mana Points 25
  • Weapon Traits
    • Arcane Lance 7 Dmg: 1d65 Range: 16 yards

Class Powers:

  • Arcane Lance
  • Magic Training: 3+1 spells
    • Daze Major Action, 2 MP, TN 11, Test: Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs. Spellpower, Range: 10 yards, -1 all ability tests or -1 all ability tests and cannot take any action for the next turn
    • Drain Life Major Action, 4 MP, TN 12, Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower, Range: 10 yards, 1d6+5 / 1d6 penetrating dmg, caster healed by the same amount
    • Vulnerability Hex Major Action, 4 MP, TN 12, Range: 20 yards, -1 Defense, -2 on all ability tests vs. Spellpower / -1 Defense until the end of the encounter
    • Weakness Major Action, TN 11, Test: Magic (Spirit) vs. Spellpower, Range: 20 yards, -1 Strength and Dexterity, -5 Speed / -5 Speed for a number of rounds equal to the casting roll’s Dragon Die
  • Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves
  • Chirurgy (novice), Lore (novice)
  • Languages: Trade Tongue


  • key for the secret room
  • notebook full of arcane theories and natural practices
  • healing potion (4d6+Con), Lyrium potion (2d6+Magic mana points)
  • 1d6*10 silver

In his stash:

  • various tomes and scrolls about healing and poisoning
  • materials for his experiments: dried wolfsbane, lakrima, elfroot, demonic ichor, bones, blood, various body liquids in small jars and bottles
  • a full laboratory with vicious surgical tools
  • a set of transparent, clean cut diamonds, 12 pieces, size of an almond (each with a value of 50 silver)
  • journeyman injury kits (4)
  • in a purse 68 silver pieces
  • personal belongings: clothes, small jewelry

Noalen is an apostate from Gwaren, the coastal city to the southeast. He was raised by a herbalist, thus his knowledge of various herbs and roots. As the healer of South Reach, he is a respected figure, a good cover for his experiments and madness.

His tall, blond and very confident. Usually he wears red or dark green, carries a walking staff and his belt is full of various pouches and equipment for his job. He smiles often and has a character of patience. Only his leggies know that he’s a mage, for the other townfalks, he’s a simple healer and herbalist, maintaning a small shop by the side of the Chantry.

Bright wizard by innerabove

While in his laboratory, he is not afraid to torture and finally kill his subjects. Kidnapped healthy younglings, boys and girls from travelling caravans and from boats. Usually he puts his victims in the water and lets them float northeast. By now, nobody raised the alarm…


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