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This Dragon Age campaign is the loose string of published adventures: from the Game Master’s Guide of Set 1 and 2, Game Master’s Kit and Blood in Ferelden.

Player Characters

Three heroes met in Denerim: the young mage, Dorian hired the other two Ezekiel Finn and Lisa as mercenaries. Radella, the misterious, white robed, light armored warrior woman charged them with a mission: to be her eyes and ears in the south. Our heroes accepted the challenge and left Denerim with the promise of a more interesting and richer life.

Non Player Characters

Tharg and Maurin are dwarven merchants the players met at the Broken Sword Inn. They are surface dwarves, traveling between Orzammar and Denerim with a heavily fortified ox driven wagon. The interior of the wagon is filled with shelves and various enchanted and extraordinary item. Potions, elixirs, masterwork small weapons, magical arrows and other valuables are available for sale. Prices range from reasonable to high, depending on the client and the whims of Tharg. Maurin is the silent guard of the small caravan, often hanging around, smoking his pipe and just being attentive. Tharg is talkative, full of news and questions, a really proud dwarven merchant.


While the heroes met in Denerim, the first leg of their trip led to South Reach. An old outpost of the Tevinter Imperium, now a small town on the Drakon River is the first important stop on their way South.

They travelled further south on their way to the Ruswold Valley and spent a few days in Vintiver a small village. They solved a conflict between a Dalish clan and the locals.

Ruswold Valley is good farmland on the western edge of the Brecilian Forest, in the Southron Hills. Bann Trumhall is the ruler of the region. Logerswold is another small village on the edge of the Brecilian Forest.

Antiva Silver-Blade

Travelling distances
Between South Reacn and Vintiver, they travelled a week on foot.
Between Vintiver and Logerswold, they travelled a week on foot.
Between Logerswold and Sothmere, they traveled another week with a small caravan carrying logs.

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